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John Malan's weekend weather outlook

CREATED Jan 25, 2013

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We are almost through the first month of the new year and extreme weather data for last year is still being compiled not only for this state but for the entire globe.

Photos of the weekend forecast

You may remember that last year we saw the warmest year on record for Milwaukee, the warmest spring and summer, an incredibly warm March, a mild winter season and a major drought through the summer months. This year has started out with periods of mild and cold weather but very little snowfall.

Extreme weather events were also felt across the planet in 2012. Arctic sea ice reached a record low, about half the normal September area based upon a 34 year satellite record. Over four and a half million square miles of ice melted, the largest annual sea ice melt on record.

The record warmth spread through the entire northern hemisphere last year, and major droughts affected not only central North America but large areas of Europe, eastern Russia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The warmer atmosphere also brought floods to areas that were outside of the drought zones. During July at least thirty-two people were killed in Japan when a year’s worth of rain fell in one weekend in some areas. Eighty percent of Manila was under water in August when unusually heavy monsoon rains hit the Philippines.