No business in the snow business

CREATED Jan 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - We've seen our share of cold weather, but for the second straight winter, there hasn't been a lot of snow, and that's making things tough for businesses who depend on it.


Even though people are enjoying the small amount of snow that we've gotten, the landscaping business is hurting because there just isn't enough snow to plow."

Valerie Williams doesn't really mind that she has to walk to work in the snow.

"It's just Wisconsin and we have snow," said Williams.

But the little amount that we've seen is challenging for some snow removal businesses.

"Well the snow fall is down…that means our business is down,” said James Bernhardt.

Bernhardt owns Metropolitian Maintenance and Landscaping and says they're just getting by because of the lack of snow.

"We also sweep parking lots in the winter, but that's our only source of income,” said Bernhardt. “It's tough for everybody this time of year."

With the lack of work in the winter, he's had to let some employees go.

“We have about 50 employees, and we let go about 35 employees," he said.

As the end of the month nears, Bernhardt has high hopes that something will change.

"Just pray for snow people we need it," he said.

And if it does in fact snow, Metropolitan Maintenance and Landscaping will call staff it has laid off so they can help plow the streets.