Five suspects now charged with killing missing transgender rapper

CREATED Jan 23, 2013 - UPDATED: Jan 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Five suspect now face murder charges in the disappearance case of Ebony (Evon) Young. 

Billy Griffin, 28, Ashanti Mcalister, 18, and Victor Stewart, 27, each now face murder charges.  They previously had been charged with substantial battery.

Ron Allen, 37 of Milwaukee, and Devin Seaberry, 23 of Milwaukee, were charged Wednesday after an investigation into the disappearance of Young.

Young has been missing since Jan. 2, 2013.

In the criminal complaint, Griffin told police that he and Young were roommates. 

Young came home after leaving work on the evening of New Years' Day.

A bit later, Mccalister, Stewart, Allen and Seaberry, all allegedly with the Black P-Stones gang, came over to that home on the 5300 block of North 52nd Street.

According to the complaint, Stewart pointed a gun at both Young and Griffin, then told Griffin that he could return to the gang if he killed Young.

Stewart told police that McAlister also put a gun to Young's head, but Griffin said not to shoot Young in the kitchen.

Griffin said in the complaint that while in the home's basement, some of the others put a bag over Young's head, and Young tried to fight back.

Two of them allegedly strangled Young with a chain, then struck and kicked Young.

Griffin further said in the complaint that after he went upstairs, he heard three gunshots.

Hours later, Griffin said Stewart called him and said "the deed is done."

According to the complaint, Stewart said they then put Young's body in the dumpster.  An investigation showed a fire happened in that dumpster.

Young's body has not been found.