Educators and parents are doing what they can to keep the flu from spreading

CREATED Jan 24, 2013

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SHOREWOOD - Influenza activity is high across most of the United States according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Educators are doing what they can to keep the flu from spreading. Moms and dads are being advised to play it safe.

“The flu is really horrible this year," said one mom.

It's hard to avoid this time of year, but Nada Radwan is doing her best. Her kids, recently sick, are now healthy. She and her husband…not so much.

“It's just horrible,” said Radwan. “It's going around. Trying to beat it? Trying to just beat it away, and it's not going away."

Hospital workers tell me flu levels are above what we saw last year, but they're still well within normal limits.

Still, school districts like Shorewood are trying to prevent the spread, sending letters to parents, asking them not to risk an outbreak by bringing a sick kid to school. But that is common sense for most moms and dads.

“Basically, if your child is sick,” said Radwan. “You gotta treat them right away and not send them to school. You gotta keep them at home until they're better because they're just spreading. The flu is just spreading."

Of course, changing schedules to suit your child's illness isn't easy.

“We don't have to worry about the flu--at least for one year," said Ani Podar.

That's why Podar and his family decided to get flu shots last summer, well before the season, and the concern, started.

“Two years ago, we were both sick at home with the kids,” said Podar. “So we said, ‘we don't want to chance it since then.’"

Other families are just hoping to make it out of the season in one piece.

"You just look forward to the spring and summer,” said one mom. "No flu or whooping cough, or anything like that."

Shorewood's superintendent said tonight that his staff is definitely dealing with the virus. He's just hoping parents use good judgment. Of course, washing your hands is one of the most important steps for prevention.

The CDC has put together a page of Flu Basics, How to Prevent the Flu and other Free Resources to fight the disease.

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