Gov. Walker issues executive order to allow propane truck drivers to exceed workload due to cold

CREATED Jan 24, 2013

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  • Surveying two years of bitter battles won and a re-election bid now just 21 months away, Gov. Scott Walker put forward a less divisive agenda of economic prosperity, a tax cut, and regulatory reform in a third "state of the state" speech that was largely without new details. READ MORE Image by Gary Porter

MADISON - Gov. Walker issued an executive order Thursday to allow "drivers of commercial motor vehicles transporting propane" to extend their work hours beyond the current 70 they are allowed to work.

"To protect the health, welfare and economic well-being of the 250,000 Wisconsin citizens who depend on propane to heat their homes," said Gov. Walker. "Due to the demand of propane used for heating residences and businesses, this Executive Order exempts drivers of commercial motor vehicles transporting propane from state and federal service restrictions for 10 days, from January 24 to February 3, 2013."

The order explains that state petroleum terminals have not been able to meet the demands of customers who rely on the demands of customers that need their products to heat their homes.

"Several state petroleum terminals... are currently on a propane rationing system until further notice," said Walker. "The increased demand for propane means drivers are working more hours per day, causing drivers to reach maximum weekly driving and on-duty limits more quickly than normal."