Locals are getting ready for Zoo Interchange construction

CREATED Jan 23, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It seems like the orange barrels have gone up faster than the snow is coming down. So, whether you are ready or not, the Greenfield Avenue bridge is coming down.

Photos - Detours during the project

“I'm not really looking forward to [the construction] but we are prepared as best we can be,” said Ricky Konkle.

Konkle's collision repair business is right on Greenfield Avenue. The sign out front shows he has a little sense of humor about the project but he's also a bit nervous about the bridge being out for months.

“We do depend a lot of street traffic and of course that is going to be cut down drastically,” said Konkle.

Information on the Zoo Interchange project, delays and detours

The state is tearing down the old bridge and building a new one. It's all part of a massive project to rebuild the Zoo Interchange.

Check out this cool animation of what the new interchange will look like when it's all done. But first the Greenfield bridge needs to be rebuilt

“I use Greenfield Avenue every day to get over to my fiancee’s house right down that way,” said Peter Wagner.

Wagner has known about the construction project for months but he still has one problem – he said he hasn’t thought about what route he will use.

Watch an animation of what the project will look like when completed