Pipes burst in Kenosha, causing thousands in damage

CREATED Jan 23, 2013

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KENOSHA - A Kenosha family got an expensive reminder Wednesday of what can happen when the cold hits your home.

Photos of the damage to the home

"About 8:30, I noticed the moisture on the foundation," said Cindi Sniezek. " I was just like, oh that can't be good."

Sniezek lives across the street from a Kenosha home that’s now a mess after pipes burst from the cold. She knocked on the door, but it wasn’t sounding good.

"I actually heard the water running behind the siding on the house," said Sniezek. "There was so much water, it leaked through the walls into the yard, onto the sidewalk and spread all the way down the street."

Crews were able to shut things down, but the damage was already done. Water poured from the second floor bathroom throughout the house.

"It's unfortunately quite significantly damaged. It involved about 60% of the interior drywall and the flooring," said Battalion Chief Matthew Haerter with the Kenosha Fire Department.

It turns out, to save money while they were gone the family had their thermostat set at a mere 43 degrees. Now, it's going to cost them thousands.

"Fire and water. What really is worse on a house," said Sniezek. "I mean, what's more devastating than that."

The city worker who walked the family through the damage has some advice. He says if you have to leave your home for any extended period of time, you’ll want to set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees and shut off your main valve.