MCTS to change some routes due to the Zoo Interchange project

CREATED Jan 23, 2013

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  • The Legislature is more to blame for the sad state of public transit in Wisconsin than the Department of Transportation. Image by Gary Porter

MILWAUKEE – Milwaukee County Transit System has announce that Route 56 (Greenfield Avenue) will detour due to the Zoo Interchange project.

Read more about the Zoo interchange project

This project will cause a long term closure of the Greenfield Avenue Bridge over I-894/US45.

"To help ensure public safety, accessibility and mobility during the project, pedestrians will receive assistance to ride the bus free of charge in the detour area through a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Milwaukee County Department of Transportation," said the department. "Route 56 (Greenfield Avenue) will begin the detour as soon as Greenfield Avenue is closed to through traffic."

Also, pedestrians needing to travel over the Greenfield Avenue Bridge will not be required to pay a fare when boarding a Route 56 bus at 92nd Street and Greenfield Avenue or on Greenfield Avenue between 101st and 108th Streets. 

Route 56 Detour routing is as follows:

Eastbound Detour Routing

East on Greenfield Avenue to 101st Street, north to Madison Place, east to 100th Street, north to Schlinger Avenue, east to 92nd Street, south to Greenfield Avenue and east to regular routing.

Westbound Detour Routing

West on Greenfield to 92nd Street, north to Schlinger Avenue, west to 100th Street, south to Madison Place, west to 101st Street, south to Greenfield Avenue and west to regular route.

(Please note: During this time there will be no stops along the detoured portion of the route.
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