Sheriff criticizes judge who had deputies round up jurors off street

CREATED Jan 23, 2013

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JUNEAU - The Dodge County Sheriff is asking for change in a method of finding backup jurors after his deputies had to find random people on the street and force them into jury duty.

A number of jurors serving on a sex assault trial in Dodge County came up with the flu, which brought a circuit court judge to have the Sheriff find six people walking the streets of Juneau to immediately serve as potential jurors.

Typically, people have a month's notice before they would serve on a jury, but the judge's order would lead to jurors having to serve with no notice.

Those people who refuse would be held in contempt of court.

“We had done this in the past and the last thing I need is irate jurors because they were snatched off the streets to serve,” Sheriff Todd Nehls told the Fond du Lac Reporter.

“If you’re out shopping and a deputy walks up to you and remands you into custody to serve on jury duty, you’re probably going to be upset."

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