Milwaukee residents venture outside, even in sub-zero temperatures

CREATED Jan 22, 2013

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People who have to work outside don't have much choice. But there are other people who want to be outside in the cold, and some took their animals along.

If Kenzie could walk herself, owner Gary James would probably let her.

“The dog has to walk,” said James. “She doesn't care how cold it is.”

“The dog has to go outsides regardless of how cold it is,” said dog owner Keith Spore.

Spore put a jacket on his dog, hoping that would do the trick. Asked if he thinks it helps, Spore said, “Oh yeah, I think so. A little insulation.”

But he admits the walk may be a little shorter today than usual.

“A lot of times I'll walk for a half an hour, but today, like ten [minutes],” Spore said. “That gets the job done.”

Usually the brave runners, the die-hards are out at Bradford Beach hitting the trails, but Tuesday it was pretty quiet out there.

But there was at least one chilled runner in downtown Milwaukee.

“Yeah, I'm a little nutty,” said Cathy Brautigam, a runner.

Brautigam is shivering her way through three miles.

“I don't have a gym, and I just wanted to try it,” she said. “I'm from Wisconsin, so I can do it.”

Brautigam said she dressed in several layers, and was so warm she was sweating. The good news for her, the dogs and their owners is that it looks like Wednesday will be a lot warmer.