Working outside in zero-degree weather

CREATED Jan 21, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Working outside may be the worst way to spend a day like this. It can be especially rough, depending on what you do for a living.

In an environment where it's difficult to do anything outside, imagine if traversing city streets in the bitter cold was your job.

When asked what possessed him to continue deliveries today, Steven Feih said, “Well, I really don't have much of a choice."

Feih owns the Milwaukee Courier company, And even on a holiday, the delivery schedule keeps him busy. That means staying warm.

“Every two hours, a coffee stop kind of helps," Feih said.

And bundling up to fight the brutal cold.

"It took 25 minutes to do this morning,” he added. “Two layers on the bottom. Two pairs of socks, three layers on top, two pairs of gloves, hats."

Pedaling around the city also gets his blood pumping. After doing this for six years, Feih actually prefers to work during winter. because no one else is outside.

"There's less congestion,” he said. “There's less commuters to look out for and things like that. The winter, the road is a little more yours."

Working out in the cold is frustrating. When you're in downtown Milwaukee, it's even worse. The tall buildings create tunnels of wind, which make the job even more difficult.

"It puts me down to just a crawl,” Feih said. “Just standing up and trying to fight through it."

So as the Winter winds down, Feih and his workers will keep moving. They'll tolerate the cold, just as long as that's the extent of the wintry weather.

"I've only fallen on a patch of ice once this year,” he said. “It could be worse. Yeah, so far I think we're faring out great."

Feih started at 6 a.m., and was outside making deliveries all day. Out of his five employees, he was the only one expected to use a bike today. His company also uses a car to get the job done.