Low temperatures not good for vehicles

CREATED Jan 20, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Frigid temperatures mean car trouble.
"I'm pretty much fleet maintenance at my house," Mike Freeck says.
Mike knows the essentials to keep his vehicles running in the arctic temperatures this week.
"Make sure you're gassed up, make sure your battery is strong and make sure your fluids are topped off," Freeck says.
But, in case you're not on top of it, help is on the way.
Brad Bilgo works for Riverside Automotive. He says your car battery needs to be in shape to survive the below zero temperatures.
"Any old battery is not going to make it," Bilgo says.
These kinds of temperatures can cut your battery's power in half.
"Hold the gas pedal down just a little bit [when starting your car]," Bilgo says. "Turn the key on and start the car. If it starts, you did good."
If it doesn't start and you've heard the engine struggle, put your foot on the gas pedal and turn the key slowly from that point.
Then let your foot up slowly.
To keep doors from freezing shut, squirt a little oil in your door lock.
"Especially after a car wash," Bilgo says. "That's what will freeze up."
Freeck replaced his battery last year because he knows the worst part of car trouble is in winter.
"You're stuck," Freeck says.
"Good thing you have a cell phone, cause you are stuck."
Bilgo says it's very important to give your vehicle time to warm up once it's running.