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Local schools work to protect students from violence

CREATED Jan 18, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee area has seen a rash of high school violence this week, and school administrators are working hard to protect their students.

The latest incident happened yesterday in Menomonee Falls. Two people snuck into the school to start a fight. Just one day earlier, a former student slipped into Waukesha North armed with a knife.

Samantha Howard was in class at Waukesha North Wednesday when chaos erupted outside the classroom next door. Her friend saw it happen.

"she said their was a fight going on, I didn't know what fight but, a bunch of teachers were just trying to get this kid out," said Howard.

The kid she's referring to is Jordan Hartz - a student who had been expelled. The criminal complaint states that he was upset at his ex-girlfriend for blocking his phone calls, so he went to the school to try and talk to her. Another student let him in a side door that was locked, and he went from classroom to classroom, looking for her.

"Our students and the teacher stepped up and were able to keep him out," said Jody Landish, Waukesha North principal.

Hartz ran and police put out an alert. When they pulled over a short time later, police found a 10-inch knife and heroin.

The next day, student safety was put at risk in Menomonee Falls High School. A student there asked relatives to help her beat up another student.

"She opened the door, let them in," said Corey Golla, Menomonee Falls principal.

Both principals said school security has been increased following the shootings at Sandy Hook. That means all door are locked but the main entrances at the schools, and their safety measures are under review.

"They gained access to our building through a door that was locked, that the student who had made the call apparently opened," said Golla.

Landish said that it "has it been communicated to students they shouldn't open doors.

"And it will be a continuous effort," she added.

The principals at both schools tell me students have been reminded to not open doors to anyone. If they do they could face disciplinary action.