18-year-old arrested for allegedly trying to force his way into Waukesha classroom with intentions to kill girl

CREATED Jan 18, 2013

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A Waukesha man was arrested after reportedly walking into Waukesha North High School on Michigan Avenue on Wednesday and threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend.

The man, Jordan T. Hartz, 18, was expelled from the school and was not allowed back in. The girl, 17, said she was sitting in her English class when she heard someone pounding on the door. When the teacher opened it, she could see it was the defendant. He began attempting to push his way into the room. When more teachers arrived, he ran away.

"[Hartz] stated that he wasn't able to go through the front doors because he knows they won't let him in because he is not allowed in the high school," said the police report. "[He] was able to get in by waving at another student who let him in the building."

After a search of Hartz's car, police found a silver pipe (which Hartz said was used for Crack Cocaine and Heroin), a 10-inch hunting knife, several syringes and drug paraphernalia.

Hartz was arrested for Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of Narcotic Drugs, Misdemeanor Bail Jumping, Disorderly Conduct and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.