Hundreds of threats to Gov. Walker during Capitol Chaos released

CREATED Jan 17, 2013

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The Capitol Chaos triggered hundreds of angry threats. You probably remember how heated it was in 2011, just after the collective bargaining law was introduced. Tens of thousands of protesters packed the capitol, and that's when lawmakers had to be escorted around the building by police for their own protection.

There are more than one-hundred pages of threats made to the governor and his family. Most of the threats are from 2011, and many too graphic to share. Page after page, threats to kill the governor and his family.

One reads "each time you look in the mirror, your see a dead man. Your days are numbered."

The Associated Press obtained more than 100 pages of threats this week.

Threats like, "I hope your children die of aides and you burn slowly to death in a car accident."

And this one, "If anyone deserves a bullet in the head, it is you and your ilk."

"A lot of them as we thought at the time were idle threats, they were maybe more politically motivated than anything else," Governor Scott Walker said.

"Please drop dead you friggin' moron!!" said another threat.

"Save the Wisconsin people the cost of the recall. We can prostitute your family to pay for the funeral."

The threats were made in hand written letters, emails, and social media postings.

State Senator Alberta Darling knows what it's like to receive daily death threats.

"You're always concerned, especially when someone threatens to kill you," Darling said.

Sen. Darling was forced to take the threats seriously. She had to add security at the Capitol and at home.

“I'd like to have these complaints filed through with and I'd like to see some of these people prosecuted for what they are doing," Darling said.

But of the hundreds of threats made against the lawmakers and the Governor, only two were referred to the Dane County District Attorney's office.

"We take threats very seriously. When an investigation is done, and things are referred to this office and we make charging decisions," said Dane County District Attorney, Ismael Ozanne.

Written by hand, another threat said, "You and you're family will take a bullet sometime in the next 5 years (i plan well!) That is an absolute promise from me."

Governor Walker told us he takes threats like this seriously, but contends they haven't changed the way he does his job.

"I don't do anything irrational when it comes to public safety, but at the same token I don't let it affect my public schedule," Walker said.

The Department of Justice says they have no open investigations into any of the threats.