Meijer expansion to bring nearly 500 jobs to Wisconsin town

CREATED Jan 17, 2013

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Meijer grocery stores plans to bring jobs to southeast Wisconsin.

If everything goes according to plan, Meijer stores will transform this warehouse into a high-tech distribution facility. People who live next to it said they're worried about a traffic nightmare.

Rick Lecy describes what it's like living across the street from this Supervalu warehouse in Pleasant Prairie.

“There's traffic all over the place, semis and what not,” said Lecy.

But this week the village gave Michigan-based Meijer the go-ahead to take over the warehouse and nearly double its size. The expansion will bring nearly 500 jobs. Lecy said it will also bring more noise. Something he didn't bargain for when he moved here 30 years ago.

“When I first moved here this whole Wisconsin park was farmland and fields now it's factories and warehouses all over the place,” Lecy added.

The distribution center will support five new Meijer stores throughout Milwaukee and current stores in Northern Illinois.

Michael Pollocoff, the village administrator, said they plan to make improvements to alleviate concerns and traffic congestion.

“It's got to work for everybody and everybody's got to be able to do business once their here,” said Pollocoff.

He added that could mean new improvements to intersections to control traffic around the warehouse. Right now he's just happy Meijer will bring new jobs and money to Pleasant Prairie.

“They've taken a very aggressive outlook on the area which is a good thing, we haven't seen that for a while,” Pollocoff said.