Oak Creek Mayor reacts to proposed gun laws

CREATED Jan 16, 2013

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OAK CREEK - As the world watched President Obama make his remarks on gun reform Wednesday, Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi was in the room with him. Scaffidi was invited as a special guest for his take on gun reform, given what happened at the Sikh Temple. T

The Mayor tells TODAY'S TMJ4 it was a powerful moment and one he hopes will keep the conversation going.

Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Oak Creek: "When the President and the Vice President walk in together, to see them up close, literally 15 feet away, it's an event I'll remember the rest of my life."
TODAY'S TMJ4's Annie Scholz spoke with Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi by satellite from Washington, DC Wednesday evening. It was just hours after he had the ear of the two most powerful men in the country, talking about gun reform.
Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Oak Creek: "The President met with us briefly, talked for a couple of minutes. And then we talked extensively with the Vice President about the issues that were talked about during the press conference, our unique stories."
Mayor Scaffidi is a proud gun owner, but tells us what happened in Oak Creek, Newtown, and Aurora are reasons why we need to part ways with partisan politics.
Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Oak Creek: "Having responsibilities associated with rights is something I'm going to really talk about in the future. I'm just a small town Mayor, but certain issues rise up that you have to take a stand on and this is one of them."
He'll also take on gun control as part of the "Conference of Mayors" meeting in DC right now. Hundreds of leaders coming together for a frank conversation, tackling all sorts of topics, including the one taking center stage.
Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Oak Creek: "I hope that it goes forward with looking at ways instead of going to two extremes, where there's a left and right, we can actually find common ground."