UWM student arrested after threat at state Capitol

CREATED Jan 15, 2013

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  • Video by wtmj.com

  • Video by wtmj.com


MADISON - A man from Milwaukee was in Madison Police custody Wednesday morning in connection to a threat at the state capitol.

Kvon Smith, 20, was arrested inside the capitol, Tuesday.

Police were tipped off about the UWM student after Smith posted a video on his Facebook page around 3:30 Tuesday morning showcasing alleged molotov cocktails he planned to bring to the capitol.

In the video you hear a man say, "So check it out, I made a few molotov cocktails. I still have some stuff to add. This is for today. We'll see what they have to say when I bring it to the Capitol."

Smith showed up just hours before the governor's state of the state address.

Authorities evacuated part of the building and the bomb squad was called.

Those who know Smith are shocked. Aaron Arts-Kottke went to high school with Smith. And, he's close friends with Smith's roommate, Kobina Intsiful.

Both describe Smith as a "stand-up guy".

"He was wearing business suits and driven and wanted success and I have no idea what happened and it all spiraled down hill."

Smith is a freshman at UWM and was active in the Collegiate Entrepreneur's Organization according to his Facebook page.

Intsiful said in the last few months, Smith showed signs of trouble, acting in ways "out of character" for him. The two have known each other for 10 years.

Intsiful describes Smith as well-read, well-dressed and a great guy.

"I'm so confused," he said.

He said he was not home when Smith made the video of when police searched their apartment Tuesday.

Just last month, Smith was arrested and charged in Dane County for punching an officer after allegedly burning a flag. He posted about it on Facebook also.

Friends fear the consequences Smith may now face.

In the video, a man is also heard saying, "If they want peace, bring it to Milwaukee. If they want peace, I want my money."

Friends we spoke with say they have no idea what he was referring to.

Prior to enrolling at UWM, Smith was in the Air Force.

Friends tell us he was discharged for "medical reasons".

A press release from Walker's Department of Administration says the suspect is in custody and charges are pending.

The release says Capitol Police received information about the Facebook threat and then identified the suspect after he entered the building.