Flu and cold sufferers looking for alternative medications

CREATED Jan 15, 2013

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GLENDALE - In his Glendale office, herbalist and acupuncture specialist Gary Chulkins made a quick, four-ingredient tea that he says will boost the immune system or soothe flu symptoms. Lemon, ginger, honey and sea salt are the key ingredients.

“It’s been working for a thousand years," Chulkins said. "Balances the body, harmonizes the stomach, clears the mucus. It’s just all natural."

He recommends a daily salt water sinus flush using a Neti Pot.

“Place it in one nostril; let it run through the sinus and out,"  Chulkins said. "Depending on how clogged your sinuses might take awhile."

Thinking beyond the usual cold and flu medications, Chulkins showed us an oil called thieves that goes on in just a few seconds.

“Like aftershave. If you’re on the airplane, it’s perfect,” he said.

For the flu sufferer, Chulkins says a good foot massage with peppermint oil may be just what the patient needs.