Local markets prepare for possible produce shortage

CREATED Jan 15, 2013

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Workers at downtown Milwaukee's Metro Market are putting out what could be the last of its produce for awhile.

"One thing we can't predict is the weather," said Roundy's spokesperson Vivian King.

King said that a cold snap in the south has prompted them to post these signs in all of their Pick 'n Save and Metro Market stores.

"We want to keep our customers informed,” she said. “They have no control over the weather. We don't either."

But King said they do have plenty of vegetables right now.

“We try to keep stocked but because of the cold temperatures we know that supply may be dwindling a bit," she said.

Sights of icicles hanging from crops in Arizona is a bad sign for what's to come to store shelves here.

“It will soon [drive up prices here],” she said. “That's something that just is a fact. When we have shortages it will drive prices up a little bit."

But Roundy's says its working with farmers to do what they can to keep the shipments coming and the costs down until mother nature cooperates.

"The good news is this - this could be a short term problem, if the weather changes that will bode well for the crops," King said.