Three-year-old member of exclusive group

CREATED Jan 14, 2013

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GREENFIELD - He's only three years old, but he's already a member of a very exclusive group.

Michael Mesich is like any other three year old, in most regards. He's inquisitive and loves Thomas the Train.

He also loves commas, clocks and cameras. He took a liking to our camera as we recorded our piece for television. "Can you record? Can you please start recording?" he asked as he showed us his family's guitar.

But his mom, Jamie, recently confirmed what she and her husband had a hunch about. Michael is gifted. Gifted in a way few are.

"He started to tell time. That was the big red flag," Jamie recalls.

They were on a road trip. Michael wanted to listen to a specific song. Jamie told him he could do so at 3:30. From the back seat, Michael yelled, "Mama, it's 3:30."

"No, it's not. Close though, " Jamie replied.

Michael said, "Yes, it is." He handed Jamie his watch. He had changed the time -- to 3:30.

Jamie and her husband exchanged glances and raised eye brows. "We got the chills."

A visit with a child psychologist revealed Michael's I.Q. score is in the top one percent of the general population.

"Everything was real early..counting to 100.." That was at age two.

Shortly after, Michael revealed he could do simple math equations; addition and subtraction.

He showed us his skills, writing out "4 + 4 =" on his etch-a-sketch. Michael then drew eight circles.

He then started doing multiplication; reading books like "Cat in the Hat" out loud and he can spell and write his name, among other words.

And now he's a member of Mensa, an elite group for minds whose I.Q. score test in the top two percentile.

"She said, 'I'm pretty certain that he's the youngest in the state,’" Jamie said of the Wisconsin chapter's reaction.

They applied for Michael's membership looking ahead to him starting school and hoping he can connect with other minds far beyond their years.

Most Mensans are between the age of 20 and 60.