Co-sleeping deaths prompt call for change

CREATED Jan 14, 2013

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A call for change after Milwaukee's latest co-sleeping death. But are the claims legit?  
Many co-sleeping death cases end up at the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office but a majority of cases never get charged.
One Milwaukee Alderman believes that is sending the wrong message.
"It's time we lower the boom on some of these people and perhaps that will be the message people will take with them," said Alderman Bob Donovan.
The latest co-sleeping death to outrage Donovan was seven day old Cayden at a north side apartment January 7. 
The mother allegedly told police she had about five Vodka and Sprites and a pain killer that night and does not remember falling asleep on the couch with the baby.
"To me that is unconscionable and charges need to be brought against her, so that's what I am expecting from the D-A's office.
Benson: Do you have any reason believe they won't charge her?
Donovan: Well it's been a week. 
Chief Deputy District Attorney Kent Lovern wouldn't go on camera to talk about this case but he tells TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Charles Benson it is under review.
The City of Milwaukee is behind an aggressive safe sleep campaign. Donovan claims there were 14 co-sleeping deaths last year and no prosecutions. 
The DA's office says most of those cases did not involve alcohol or drugs.
"It's important for this community to stand up and say we are going to stand up for our kids," said Donovan.
The District Attorney's office says it will take several weeks to review the most recent case.
In 2009, Milwaukee prosecutors did charge a mother with reckless homicide after she admitted to being drunk while sleeping with her infant.