Waiting period for guns on the rise

CREATED Jan 14, 2013

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SHEBOYGAN - Police and Sheriff's departments across the area tell TODAY’S TMJ4 there's already a waiting period to buy guns and ammunition, but they say that waiting time could get longer as private citizens rush out to buy guns and ammo before any legislation passes.

“It's a pattern that most agencies are 6-12 months on a waiting list to get the necessary fire arms and stuff if we are replacing any," said Sheboygan Sheriff’s Department Captain Cory Roeseler.

That's because of all the military action overseas, but Captain Cory Roeseler admits they are expecting to wait even longer because of a rush to buy up guns and ammo.

"It's simply a supply and demand issue at this time," Roeseler.

While the department has the guns and ammunition it needs for now, any deputies who want to buy rifles for personal use, know they are going to have to wait.  Roeseler says the public doesn't need to worry about the department running out any time soon.

“We order ahead, 6-8 months ahead as far as our ammunition.  As far as--we're up to the level where we need to be as far as our necessary hand guns and rifles,” Roeseler said.

Technical Colleges with police training facilities say they've already stocked up for at least a semester or two.