Packers Nation suffers broken heart

CREATED Jan 13, 2013

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GREEN BAY, WI - Green and Gold nation, with heavy hearts. Hopes for a Super Bowl win, shattered by the 49ers. Fans say they went into Saturday night's game with high hopes, and now are left with a loss that hurts.

Fans say the game started off strong with that first touchdown, but by the third quarter they lost hope. Today many looking back nostalgically, on the whole season.

The season got off to a strong start. Pumped up fans, ready to root on the Green and Gold at Lambeau Field.

In week two, a 23-10 win at home over the Chicago Bears gets fans even more excited.

Then "robbed in Seattle". A 14-12 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, in controversial call. That eventually leads to a deal in the referee lockout and the replacement refs being pulled off the field.

Despite that game, the Green and Gold make it into the playoffs. There was a sweeping 24-10 victory over Vikings.

Then, the game in San Fransisco that ended all hopes for a Packers Super Bowl win.

"Feeling a little down of course because the Packers lost" said fan Bryan Boprey.

"I was hoping it was a bad dream but it wasn't..." said fan Betsy Anderson.

"I was optimistic but it wasn't meant to be" said Boprey.

Some say they are hugely disappointed in the Packers defense, which they say cost them the game.

"Can't be spending all these draft choices on the defense and not have anything to show for it," said fan Dennis Yurk.

Fans saying it was just painful to watch 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick run the ball.

"Going for 50 yards plus...And have no one even touching him. Our defensive backs don't want to tackle. Our linebackers are out of place. It's just a joke." said Yurk.

But despite the tough loss, no one is losing their loyalty.

"Sunday is church and the Green Bay Packers. That's just the way it is up here" said Boprey.

And all they can do is hope for a better season next year.

While the season is officially over for the Packers, fans say they're looking forward to watching some of their favorite players, Clay matthews, Aaron Rodgers and Jeff Saturday in the pro bowl on Sunday January 27th.

Note: story video has NFL footage, due to NFL policies video cannot be posted to the web.