Oshkosh school board members get iPads

CREATED Jan 13, 2013

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OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) -- Members of the Oshkosh school board are getting Apple iPads as part of a district push to cut down on paper costs.
An Oshkosh Northwestern report says the tablets will be paid for by the district. Board members will have to return them when their terms are over.
Deputy Superintendent Dave Gundlach says each iPad2 will cost about $380, or $2,660 for all seven board members.
He says the devices will save money because district staff won't have to make copies and assemble bulky packets for board meetings. He says the iPads will also make it easier for members to access information.
Gundlach says the iPads are a sound investment, even though a forecast says the district will need to cut $2.6 million in spending to balance its budget.