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Whitewater musician battling brain cancer wants the world to hear his song

CREATED Jan 11, 2013

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WHITEWATER - Pat Peterson was born to play guitar.

His wife Ruth explains, "Morning noon and night--he sleeps with one next to the bed. Seriously!"

That's because while he's playing, nothing else matters. Pat's been in and out of treatment for 3 years battling brain cancer. Doctors recently told him the cancer has spread, and he has just a few weeks to live. He just turned 40.

"We've come to just appreciate each moment we can spend together," Ruth says.

We first met Pat a couple years ago at Summerfest, where his band Pipe Circus took the stage. Pat described then what music means to him. "It's like someone who surfs, they do what they do, they can't stop."

Pat's wife Ruth has been by his side through it all. The two run a booking agency in Whitewater: Innabeat Music. Ruth says, "I mean we really don't let this get in the way of what we're trying to accomplish here."

Pat continues to record, and has more than 200 songs Ruth hopes to eventually put on CD.

Pat's last wish is to have his song 'Long Road' seen around the world. "I love this song. It was... it just is what it is," he explains.

Ruth posted the song on YouTube. While it's been seen by tens of thousands of people so far, the message is deeply personal.

"It was something he wrote right after we found out about the tumor, and it was I think dedicated more towards me, and a way to say he was sorry for maybe all the mistakes he's made in the past," Ruth says.

The couple renewed their vows in December, after 15 years of marriage. Ruth knows Pat will always be with her and their daughter Jasmine. Ruth assures, "He keeps telling me he's gonna keep an eye over us. Make sure we're taken care of."

Pat adds, looking at his wife and daughter, "My life. This is my life right here. "This is what I've got."

The family is keeping busy in these final days, and not letting a moment go to waste.

"It's not often you have the foresight to know your days are numbered, and you need to do all those things you need to do to make yourself feel good, and confident you've done what you've done on this earth," Ruth explains.

Anyone touched by this story, both businesses and fans of Pat's work, can help by sharing his viral music campaign. Contact Innabeat Music at innabeat@gmail.com to find out more about how to participate.

Watch the video below.