Cloudy skies, unseasonably warm temperatures this afternoon

CREATED Jan 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The rain is done for the day, and the forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for patchy areas of fog and drizzle, cloudy conditions and highs in the mid 40s inland and near 50 along the lakefront.

It remains mild overnight with lows in the mid 40s with patchy area s fog and drizzle.  The morning low is also the high for Saturday as temperatures will be dropping throughout the day with a gusty westerly wind up to 30 mph. 

Temperatures by 4pm will be in the upper 20s inland and lower 30s along the lake with wind chills in the teens.

Saturday night will be in the teens with wind chills near 0 and a slight chance for a dusting of light snow.  The January thaw is over, and Sunday's high will be in the mid 20s with a few clouds and flurries possible. 

Next week is quiet with flurries possible on Wednesday, and back to normal with highs in the upper 20s and lows in the teens.