Vineyard in Napa is cheering Go Pack Go!

CREATED Jan 11, 2013

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CALISTOGA - The people at Twenty-Four Wines will be rooting for the Packers this weekend.  Despite being in the San Francisco 49ers back yard in the northern Napa Valley, the winery has a pretty strong connection to the Pack.  The guy behind the vineyard is Charles Woodson.

"Beautiful, it's a beautiful wine," says Rick Ruiz, the director of operations at Twenty-Four Wines.

"Twenty-Four started back in 2001 when Charles Woodson was with the Oakland Raiders.  He wore number 24 when he was out there," Ruiz said.

Rick and Charles hooked up back then.

"We started making wine in 2001 just for donations."  Charles still donates 10 bucks from every red and 3 bucks from every white he sells to Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he went to school.

Despite the beer and brat stereotype, there are plenty of winos in Packers' Nation.  They, like any good Packers fan, want anything connected to the Packers.

"You Packers fans, you guys travel very well.  I've got a feeling there are going to be a lot of Packers fans in the San Francisco area," Ruiz said.  He's already planning to get together with fans of the wine while they're out in San Francisco for the game.

The vineyard does host tastings by appointment.  You can find info about the vineyard on its website here.

Rick is also planning to tailgate at Candlestick Park with members of the wine club.  Yes, he'll do it with wine.  That's apparently what they do out there.

He says he will be cheering loud for the Green and Gold.