Flu vaccine supply dwindles in Milwaukee

CREATED Jan 11, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A new problem has emerged with the recent flu outbreak which has sent hundreds of people to hospitals in Milwaukee.

The supply of available flu vaccine has dwindled as people scramble to get shots.

Stores such as the Walgreens on South 27th Street and West College Avenue in Milwaukee have become extra busy, and if they run out of flu shot, people may be out of luck.

"Boston is under quarantine, Minnesota is bad and Milwaukee has made national news.  It's time," said Martha Czesynski, who says she needs the flu shot.

If you can't find it at one location, keep searching.

You can save time by calling ahead to see if there's enough flu shot to go around.

"We've had to share between stores because we're all filling a lot of prescriptions for flu shots," explained Jill Purdy of Walgreens.

The flu shot has been available for the past three months, and stores like Walgreens can only hope things slow down a bit.

The peak of the flu season doesn't hit for another month.

The flu shot doesn't protect you 100 percent from the flu, but doctors tell us a shot to the arm will not make you sick.

Click here for a list of places in Wisconsin that offer the flu shot.