Flu bug biting hard

CREATED Jan 10, 2013

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WEST BEND - We all know kids carry germs, and some schools this one have been hit hard with the flu.  Nearly 20 percent of the students called out sick Thursday at Jackson Elementary school in Jackson.
"This year just seems really bad for the flu.  I'm just glad it hasn't hit our house.  Maybe I should keep my son home just in case," said parent Laurel Schultz.  Laurel Schultz's son his been healthy, so far.
"I don't think I'm doing anything different, other than getting them vaccinated," Schultz said.

In Western Wisconsin, the flu is hitting one school especially hard.  Of the 1000 students in the Neilsville School District, 180 of them were out of class, sick with flu-like symptoms.
"If it gets to the point where half of their class is already gone I'm not going to send them because I don't want them to get anything worse than they have already had," said parent Linda Holzl.
The school is trying several strategies to keep kids from getting sick. Requiring students to wash or sanitize their hands before lunch.
They aren't alone in Mequon they're seeing the stomach flu, and Menomonee Falls has seen a few cases of the flu in the high school. Other area schools say they aren't seeing more than the usual sick calls.
"Using a lot of sanitary hand sanitizer and mainly making sure that they are bundled up," said grandmother Raenae Ostrowiecki.
Back in the West Bend School District 20-25 staff members more than usual have called out sick, and the custodial staff is keeping busy cleaning up.

"Everybody in the world knows that there's that certain saw dust that shows up when someone gets sick and we're burning through a lot of that right now," said Superintendent Ted Neitzke.