Local organization desperate for peanut butter

CREATED Jan 9, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's a household staple, but it's one thing that a local organization says it desperately needs.

Peanut butter is probably in your pantry right now. But they are so short at the Hunger Task Force, they're hoping you'll share so others don't starve.

Sherrie Tussler, Hunger Task Force: "The one thing you can eat for breakfast, lunch, or supper is peanut butter."

But the Hunger Task Force is running low -- by about 100,000 jars. Tussler says a typical truckload of peanut butter should cost about $30,000. Right now, it's $50,000. That's thanks to a recent peanut butter recall, a large plant closing, and a blight of the peanut crop before that.

It's a convenient donation because it's easy to prepare, easy to eat, and doesn't spoil quickly. But unless the supply goes up, nothing will be easy about it.

Sherrie Tussler, Hunger Task Force: "People standing on the street corner with a sign saying they'll work for food, little kids pulling at you and asking for a quarter -- that's what hunger looks like."

Peanut butter is just a part of it. The Hunger Task Force also needs milk, cereal, and vegetables.