McCarren: Packers' road playoff trip brings fewer distractions

CREATED Jan 9, 2013

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GREEN BAY - There's always advantages playing at home in the playoffs - particularly the familiar surroundings and supportive throngs of fans.

Still, football teams sometimes find it easier to perform on the road, because they have fewer distractions to handle - especially from players' friends or relatives.

"You've got family and friends who look at the game as an event." explained Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Packers color commentator and TODAY'S TMJ4/NBC26 reporter Larry McCarren, a former Packers offensive lineman.

"If you have a relative or friend, playing in the NFL, going up to their game is exciting stuff.  They look at it as their vacation period, their fun period.  They come to town."

Such a situation happens more often at home than on the road.

That could mean lots of extra people to see, things to do that could get in the way of a football player's main purpose: preparing and playing to win.

"You're working that weekend.  Your focus is on business.  It may be fun for all those around you, but it's a business, and it's very important.  There's only 16 (games) during the regular season.  You'd better play your best, or they'll find somebody who will."

Few Packers will have to face such a problem of road game distractions, except Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  He grew up in nearby Chico, Calif.

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