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Packers P Masthay worked in politics, fears dancing?

CREATED Jan 9, 2013

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GREEN BAY - In his third full season with the Packers, punter Tim Masthay has settled in as one of the best punters in team history.

Before the NFL, Masthay graduated as one of the most decorated athletes in Kentucky high school history.

He was all-state in football, all-state in soccer, all-region in baseball, and a 4-year letter winner on his high school basketball team.

It's no wonder that Masthay's first job outside of football didn't come until he was in his early 20's.
"I got released by the Colts after my first training camp.  I worked a little bit on a political campaign.  I worked as a tutor for student-athletes at the University of Kentucky.  I had a few months where I had a real job.  Otherwise, it's been sports my whole life."
Growing up, Masthay certainly didn't have to look to far to find kids to play with - there were plenty in his own house.
"I have five siblings.  I am the second oldest.  There are five boys and one, the youngest, is a girl.  We always enjoyed competing with one another, messing around with one another.  That was my childhood, kind of a roughhouse."
Now 26, Masthay is working on building a family of his own.

He and his wife, Amanda, welcomed Emory Grace Masthay to the world about 10 months ago.
"My wife and I are both really lucky to have a healthy, happy, easygoing baby.  I feel like we have it about as easy as you can have it.  I'm doubly lucky because my wife takes care of her in the night, so I'm not missing sleep."

"No, because I'm at work during the day.  I'm off the hook pretty much, so I just get to have fun with the baby.  I get to do all the fun stuff."

When not kicking a ball or riling up the baby, the Packers' record-setting punter lives a pretty low key life.

What stretches Masthay's comfort zone and freaks him out more than anything?
"Dancing.  Dancing is a great fear of mine.  My wife and I got married at a Baptist church and the church didn't allow dancing, so I didn't have to worry about it."
On the field, Masthay is a pro-bowl caliber punter who set several team records in the 2011 season.

Off the field, he is a kind, easy-going family-man who likes to travel, watch movies, read war history biographies and play golf.

Not a bad way to live.