Milwaukee mothers chiming in on gun control debate

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee mothers are being called to action in a national effort to tighten gun control laws.
"To every mother, we can not wait. We have to demand a plan," said Roxanna Green in a TV commercial running in Milwaukee.
Her daughter was killed two years ago today in the Tucson, Arizona  shooting that critically injured congresswoman Gabby Giffords.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns is running a TV ad in Milwaukee to promote the "Demand a Plan"  website ( ) to end gun violence.
For starters, it wants to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition clips. 
"I have one question for our political leaders. When will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby," asked Green.
And just last week, a seven year old girl inside a Milwaukee home was grazed from an assault rife fired outside. Her family was stunned.
"A weapon like that, go help fight over seas with it. Don't come in your own neighborhood and hurt one another," said Johnnie Reese, the victim's Aunt. 
When Mayor Barrett was in Congress he voted to ban assault rifles in 1994 but the ban expired in 2004. These days Barrett advocates for tighter gun control laws at the state and federal levels.
"To make sure people who are not legally able to get a gun, don't get a gun!
But gun advocates are standing strong. Ben Giese at The Shooters Shop is keenly aware of the debate over weapons but opposes more laws.
"Laws are for the law abiding," said Giese. "Criminals don't care about laws that's why they are criminals."