Barrett: City 'can never let up' on educating against unsafe co-sleeping

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Mayor Tom Barrett pledged to continue educating people about the dangers of unsafe sleeping, on the heels of the city's latest co-sleeping death.

"We have to keep at it," Barrett vowed on WTMJ's Wisconsin's Afternoon News.

A six-day old baby boy died this week while sleeping on a couch with his mother.  The woman had been drinking alcohol and took a painkiller before she fell asleep, according to the Medical Examiner's report.

"We will do everything we can to reduce infant mortality in this city," the mayor said  "It's a message that has to be delivered over and over again.  You can never let up."

When asked whether it's time to prosecute parents involved in deadly co-sleeping incidents, the mayor responded, "That's not something we're looking at right now.  Obviously if there were an (incident) that was clearly criminal, the District Attorney would have the ability to (file charges).

"A lot of times it is an educational issue more than anything."