Bucks' 5-point plan for change

Part 3: Find basketball's Ron Wolf

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

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  • Ron Wolf Image by Mark Hoffman

MILWAUKEE - The best example of culture change in the sports operations of a franchise bringing success comes two hours north of Milwaukee, with the Green Bay Packers.

In 1991, Packers then-President Bob Harlan got rid of general manager Tom Braatz and hired a longtime Oakland Raiders personnel man in Ron Wolf.

He came from a culture of winning (15 playoff appearances and three Super Bowl titles in 19 years), but entered a culture of losing and complacency (two playoffs in 24 years in Green Bay).

Wolf made it his mission to change that culture around, to demand accountability, but to hire the best people and to empower them to do their job without interference.

He received that himself from Harlan, with no meddling in the football operations from the team president.

He gave that to the man he hired as a coach, Mike Holmgren.

Wolf's coaching and scouting staff suddenly constructed a winner.  His teams made six playoff appearances in six years and won Super Bowl XXXI.

The Bucks have to discover such a Ron Wolf.  Perhaps, like the San Diego Chargers, they could even hire Wolf as a consultant to help discover such a winner.