Bucks' 5-point plan for change

Part 1: Build the Bucks a "Miller Park"

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Brewers provide the most recent example of change to success in Wisconsin sports, and the first step of it came in the construction of a new building. 

Miller Park, and the fan experience there, is now one of the most beloved (by its fans) in Major league Baseball.

The concept of public dollars to pay for a new stadium was not-so-beloved in the 1990's, when then-owner Bud Selig floated the idea that the Brewers would have to consider moving if they didn't build such a facility.

That's exactly where the Milwaukee Bucks stand today.  The public debate has already begun, with much trepidation toward the idea of public money for a new gym.

For the Bucks' culture to change, a new building is necessary - one that not only fans will want to go to (and spend money), but where players will want to play, above and beyond any facility in the NBA.