Bucks' 5-point plan for change can come from Packers, Brewers, Badgers success

CREATED Jan 8, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Bucks' malaise as a franchise may have reached bottoming-out levels after the (as of early Tuesday) reported departure of head coach Scott Skiles.

To change things with the once-proud franchise, a drastic change of culture must happen.

It's the type of culture change that seems a long shot for the Bucks, but such change has brought three beloved teams in Wisconsin to consistent success in recent years, success the Bucks would love to attain.

The long winter of the Bucks' discontent grows colder amidst a team with:
- An owner (Former Senator Herb Kohl) who has wanted to sell for years
- A horrific lack of success; just one appearance in the conference semifinals in the last 23 years
- A low-revenue-generating arena, a coaching situation that long-term has looked like a turnstile (10 coaches in 27 years under Kohl)
- An NBA player culture where, to many stars, Milwaukee seems chillier than Siberia with fewer night clubs.

The Bucks franchise can look to three of its successful sports teams - the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and Wisconsin Badgers - to find what could be a hard, but hopefully achievable blueprint to success.

Such change must happen in five areas:
1) Building: Build the Bucks a "Miller Park"
2) Ownership: Get "a Mark Attanasio."
3) Player Personnel: Find basketball's "Ron Wolf"
4) Coaching: Bring in the NBA's "Barry Alvarez," a confident culture-changer
5) Players: Discover the NBA's "Reggie White"