Wilcox family continues desperate search

CREATED Jan 7, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - It's been a week since Nick Wilcox disappeared after a night out with friends. Now, Nick's sister is letting Today's TMJ4 inside this family's nightmare.

A week's worth of not knowing is taking a toll on Nick Wilcox's family.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: 'It just makes you sick to sit down and start thinking. It's hard not to think. Throughout the day when you're busy like we've been, it's easier not to think."

But Nick's sister Andrea tells us they're not stopping until they find him. Nick disappeared after a night of drinking at the Irish Rec Room on New Year's Eve.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "Sometimes you wake up and it's hard to function, but you do it."

Seven days of searching, they have almost no information...just fond thoughts of the man they miss desperately.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "He's got a big heart, a big cheesy smile. I'm going to miss that cheesy smile."

Amid the heartbreak, there's a little hope. Andrea's son turns two this week…the spitting image of his uncle.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "He makes me smile. He's a goofy kid."

A tight knit family, looking for closure, however it may come.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "Just the thought of something terrible happening to him. If it did, I just want to find him and get a chance to grieve from it and try to move on."

The family is planning a vigil outside the Irish Rec Room Thursday night. If you have any information that can help in this case, please call Milwaukee Police.