Search for missing UWM student expands

CREATED Jan 6, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The frantic search continues for Nick Wilcox.

"You want to hope for the best and there's been so much time that has gone by," Wilcox's girlfriend, Kelly McGonagil, says.

Kelly is frustrated, but holding on to hope.

It's been six days since her boyfriend disappeared. He was last seen outside the Irish Rec Room on Old World Third Street on New Year's Eve. More than 50 volunteers worked their way from Brady to Van Buren and then north to Prospect Sunday afternoon in small groups.

"Basically what we've tried to do is narrow down areas that we think he might have traveled between here and his house if he ended up walking back," Dan McGonagil says.

The group looked through alleys, side streets and even checked dumpsters and under cars looking for any small clue.

"I think everyone here is starting to feel the stress and strain and would like Nick to be back and the search to be over," Dan says.

Divers searched the Milwaukee River earlier this week after a tip, but found nothing.

"I mean, we searched milwaukee inside and out and there's been no trace of him," Kelly says. "It's really frustrating."

Kelly tells TODAY'S TMJ4 there's been no use of Nick's cell phone or debit card.

As another day winds down, friends and loved ones bury Kelly in a group hug. They ask anyone who was downtown on New Year's Eve to pause for a moment and think.

"I just beg people to look at their phones, look at their pictures," Kelly says. "They might have a clue that dont even know."