Packers fans will keep watching through a heart attack

CREATED Jan 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - If you're having a heart attack, you should go to the hospital right?  But what if the Packers are on?  On local doctor says he's seen someone pick the Pack over treatment.

Doctor David Galbis-Reig with Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints in Racine says when the Packers take the field, one of the loneliest places in Wisconsin is the ER.

"Typically about an hour before the game, the ER doesn't tend to get many more new patients," Galbis-Reig said.

He says people seem to put off visits during the game.  In some cases that's okay.  But he's seen people put off true emergencies.  "We had a gentleman that waited with a heart attack."

Yes, a heart attack.  The guy was having chest pains.  But come on, the Packers were on!

"Obviously we'd encourage people with emergencies to actually come in," Galbis-Reig said.

He says if it's something that you would just go to a doctor's office for, you can put that off.

And if you're worried about missing the game... "I believe they have TVs in the emergency room."

Go Pack!