Audit: MPD crime reporting errors were not intentional

CREATED Jan 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - A new report about Milwaukee Police Department crime reporting shows that the department made errors in that area.

However, the report says those errors were not intentional.

According to the report, those imperfections were due to poor training, human error and computer problems.

The MPD came under fire for misreporting more than 500 aggravated assaults as smaller offenses.

A Journal Sentinel investigation revealed that there was pressure to mark crimes such as violent assaults, rapes and robberies as less serious.

An independent audit revealed the lack of intentionality in the mistakes.

The audit group, based in Florida, released a report blaming human error, computer problems and poor training.

"We've maintained all along that we've had some challenges implementing this technology which predated my administration, and although we've worked hard to rectify them, they've continued to have an effect on the overall data," said Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Flynn says he will better train his staff, and he hopes the city will make a major technology investment to help his department.