Packers not worried about home field, weather

CREATED Jan 3, 2013

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GREEN BAY - Home field advantage is the goal of every playoff competitor. The Packers accomplished that goal this season at least for one game, but how much of a home field advantage really exists in the NFL anymore?

"Guys have played so much ball throughout their lives, they've dealt with hostile environments," said wide receiver Jordy Nelson. "There's so much non-verbal communication that they've picked up."

All of the Packers four playoff home losses in franchise history have come in their last six home playoff games.
Since the NFL adopted the 12 team playoff format, home teams in Wildcard weekend win at a 66 percent clip. But in the last eight years, that total has shrunk to 53 percent.
But the Packers aren't shaken by any perceived lack of postseason Lambeau success.
"The reason you win the division is to get a home playoff game. So we need the fans to be real loud Saturday night and give us that advantage," said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 
When asked on 'The Mike McCarthy Show' if his team would go anywhere in the country to play a playoff game, Head Coach Mike McCarthy said, "that's a good way to put it."
How about the weather conditions? Even though forecasts for Saturday's game show temperatures in the mid 20's, it has been a topic of conversation all week.
"I like playing when it gets colder out," said offensive guard T.J. Lang. "It's something that we're used to. I know if you talk to the receivers, they're probably not big fans of it."
Greg Jennings had a definitive answer to Lang's question.
"I'm realistic," deadpanned Jennings. "You guys want to report out there in the cold? I didn't think so. But because you have to, you do your job to the best of your ability."
If the Packers do their jobs to the best of their ability, they won't have to worry about cold weather or home field. They'll be on a plane to San Francisco.