Dive team searches Milwaukee River, finds nothing

CREATED Jan 3, 2013

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Nick Wilcox hasn't been seen since leaving a Third Street bar New Year's Eve. And the search effort becomes more critical with every passing hour.

Following a tip that someone saw a hole in the icy Milwaukee river Thursday, police dive teams and their sonar equipment searched for any sign of Nick Wilcox. They found furniture and other debris, but nothing that points to Nick.

Friends and family hit the neighborhood again where he was last seen. Pouring through surveillance video from the Irish Rec Room, Nick's sister tells us after he was asked to leave, he sat outside the bar for a while.

Andrea Wilcox, sister: "There was a ruckus outside. He actually ended up breaking it up. There were cops that showed up because of it, and kind of told him to move on, so he moved on."

But nobody knows where. The search is expanding. There are flyers all across town, including on the UWM campus where the school is also taking to social media to alert students about what's happened.

Tom Luljak, UWM Communications: "We have reached out using Twitter and we plan on continuing to get the story out into the neighborhood about Nick's disappearance."

And it's tough right now with students on break and fewer people to be on the lookout. But Nick's father isn't giving up hope. "To be honest with you, I'm pretty positive."