Packers to cut off alcohol sales early

CREATED Jan 3, 2013

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GREEN BAY - The Packers heated playoff game against the Vikings at Lambeau Field has security taking extra measures.

For the first time, alcohol sales will be cut off early during the beginning of the third quarter rather than the end of the third quarter--to make sure fans don't get out of control.

The last Packers-Vikings game at Lambeau landed two people in jail and one person in the hospital after a post-game scuffle in a nearby parking lot. At Saturday's game, Packers security will be making sure it doesn't happen again.

"We just think it's a long day. Folks will have plenty of time to tailgate, watch the first game on TV at home or local establishments, then they come in to our game at seven. We want to make sure that people get home safe," said Doug Collins, Packers security director.

Green Bay Police will also have extra officers at the stadium.

"To check for people who over consume alcohol. Those people are going to be stopped at the gate and told they're not allowed to come in," said Lt. Kevin Warych, with Green Bay Police.

A new game plan to help fans like Travis Wozniak enjoy the game.

"I think it'll be OK. There's plenty of time to drink and things like that. I mean I'm there to watch the game, so I'd be OK with it," said Wozniak.

Packers security also remind fans to arrive early since enhanced security measures are still in place. The gates to the bowl open at 5pm Saturday.