Packers' 'big five' ready for postseason action

CREATED Jan 2, 2013

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GREEN BAY - It's been so long since Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley have been healthy at the same time, they can't even remember the last time they all played together.

"I don't think we've had a game since early in the season where we all played," said Cobb.
Or how often.
"Maybe two games?" Nelson asked.
The answer may actually surprise you. December 2nd against the Minnesota Vikings. Before then? All the way back in week four against New Orleans. Jennings re-aggravated a groin injury that eventually sidelined him for 8 total games this season. Cobb missed week 17 against Minnesota, and Nelson missed four games due hamstring and foot injuries.
Finley played through a painful shoulder injury in the early part of the season as well.
"It'd be big to have everybody back and fresh and ready to go coming into the post season," he said. "So we're excited and ready to go."
"It's huge, that's why were here," said Jones. "We're here so we can all be on the field at the same time, create mismatches for the defense and you can't key on just one person."
With only one football to go around, Aaron Rodgers must find ways to utilize his weapons.
"It's just a matter of finding ways to get the ball in their hands in space," he said. "We're blessed with a lot of guys to get down the field and have different types of talents and abilities.
Nelson agrees.
"Whatever it is, if it's putting us all out there, putting 2 of us out there, whatever it is. You have to make sure you have the right match-ups and go make plays."
Making plays and winning games is the only thing that matters to the group.
"Nothing changes in our room, the expectations are high when you get the opportunity to make a play and help this team win," said Nelson.