Still no sign of missing Cedarburg man

CREATED Jan. 2, 2013

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The search continues in Ozaukee County for a missing man.  24-year old Robert Steinbrecker hasn’t been seen since late December.

People who live along Cedar Creek are being asked to check and search for Robert Steinbrecker. The creek is a popular place to skate when conditions are right, but something went wrong here a week ago.

As the father of four children Wade Knopf is vigilant about his kids playing near the creek. So it's easy to understand why he is concerned about anyone missing along the creek.

“I'm not a big fan of ice on moving rivers or creeks, so if there's a chance somebody did fall in that would be disappointing,” said Knopf.

Robert Steinbrecker was last seen on Cedar Creek after a night out with a couple of buddies. They say he took off running on the creek in the early hours of December 28. The 24 year old Oregon man was home visiting family in Cedarburg for the holidays.

The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department is asking residents who live along the creek to take a look in their backyards. There are a lot of down trees back here, the creek is frozen over but there are a lot of places where a missing person could be.

“There's a trail down there but right now there's not a lot of activity,” said Knopf.

Steinbrecker's buddies tell investigators they had cell phone contact for about 30 minutes after he took off running but after that, nothing.

The Sheriff's Department and the Steinbrecker's are hoping someone will come forward with a good tip or lead, but so far that hasn't happened.