Sensenbrenner: Fiscal cliff deal passed 'because people got spooked'

CREATED Jan 2, 2013

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  • Menomonee Falls Republican Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A congressman from Menomonee Falls who voted against the fiscal cliff bill is sounding off on the deal and the fallout that he says is yet to come.

"I think the bill went through because people got spooked," said Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, who joined Newrsadio 620 WTMJ's James T. Harris Wednesday morning.

He claims that the bill that passed is not balanced. 

He says it is loaded with more taxes but few cuts, and he does not think it will solve the nation's money matters.

According to Sensenbrenner, the next fiscal fight is just weeks away, and he hopes that what he considers real reform will be on the table.

"They'd better have meaningful spending cuts and not smoke and mirrors."

Sensenbrenner says he's been accused of not being bipartisan by voting against the fiscal cliff bill.

"Sometimes being bipartisan results in things that aren't good for the country and aren't good for the American people.  (Tuesday) night was an example of that."

In a statement, Milwaukee Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore said that the deal wasn't what she hoped for, but it ensured "that tax rates will not go up on the middle class and the most vulnerable of our nation - the poor.
"Unfortunately, the deal won't solve all of our problems. In two months we will once again have to debate raising the debt ceiling and address the automatic spending cuts included in the sequestration. It is my sincere hope that the GOP does not try to take a hatchet to the much needed social programs that will be necessary in keeping our economy moving forward."