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Packers TE Williams shares interests in piano, watches, Ninja Turtles

CREATED Jan 2, 2013

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  • D.J. Williams. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

GREEN BAY - In his second year in the league, Packers tight end D.J. Williams has made his presence known as one of the more interesting characters on the roster.

Frequently seen walking around the locker room in sweat pants, aviator sunglasses and a furry hat, Williams' "be yourself" fashion sense is often complimented with a brand new watch.

"I usually buy a watch in every city we travel to.  I have a collection, a couple cases, a nice display at home."

The 25-year-old Arkansas native has a very diverse set of interests as well.

"If I was not playing football, I'd probably be at a bar in downtown Little Rock called Ernie Biggs, playing the piano."
Piano? Interesting. Where did that come from?

"It started when Alicia Keys hit the scene big and she had her hit song, 'Fallin.'  I was sitting in the car with my mom, and I had my fingers on the dashboard, acting like I was playing piano.  I said, 'Man, I wish I could play piano.'  My sister, at the time, worked at Radio Shack in Dallas, and she bought me a keyboard.  I taught myself to learn almost everything."
In addition, Williams likes to cook, names Batman as his hero, and is fascinated by the teamwork demonstrated by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He's also a bit of a hopeless romantic.

"I had a little gig putting together cable wires and the stuff you put in the back of computers.  I was miserable.  I was raising money to take my girlfriend out for Valentine's Day.  This was two months in advance.  I planned a big one, and she didn't show.  It was terrible...but look where I am now.  It's all good."
On the field, the speedy second year tight end is a blossoming prospect in the Packers offense.

Off the field, Williams is a man with cerebral sense of humor, dry charm, and infectious personality to whom others gravitate.