West Bend Sen. Grothman won't apologize after Kwanzaa comments

CREATED Jan. 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Jan. 2, 2013

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WEST BEND - West Bend Republican Senator Glenn Grothman said Wednesday he refuses to apologize for his beliefs after making comments about the holiday Kwanzaa.

In a recent news release, Grothman called Kwanzaa fake, fraudulent and a holiday that "almost no black people today care about."

He characterized it as a false holiday inspired by a racist college professor and perpetuated by hard-core liberals.

"I think the average person thinks Kwanzaa's African celebrations have been around for hundreds of of years," said Grothman to TODAY'S TMJ4's Melissa McCrady.

"In face, it was created in 1996 by a radical Marxist...a black separatist who felt there should be a separate holiday."

According to Grothman, the founder of the holiday did not like the idea that Jesus Christ died for people's sins.

The executive director of the Wisconsin Black Historical Society said he was shocked to hear Grothman's comments.

"This is my holiday.  I love it immensely," said Clayborn Benson to McCrady.

"I'm really shocked.  I feel this is America, and we're entitled to celebrate whatever holidays we choose to."